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Jennifer English, Esq.

English Law



English Law is a full service intellectual property law firm located in South Dakota.  Here at English Law, we specialize in helping small makers and artists with protecting their brand and designs through copyright and trademark.  As a fellow maker, I understand the hurdles artists face when it comes to starting out, forming your business, protecting your art, and continuing to protect your intellectual property.  I want to work with you to ensure long term success of your business and your art.

Meet the Legal Team

My name is Jenny English and when I'm not being a lawyer, I am busy being an artist.  My passion is the arts.  Coffee and the opportunity to help other artists protect their hard work is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  Whether you just want to do a Q&A session with a lawyer to get some questions answered about copyright, or you want to retain an attorney to handle all your intellectual property needs, English Law has a package that will work for you.  

Jenny English
Jenny English

Attorney & Counselor at Law

My goal is to help you achieve your goals.  If you are an artist or a maker, you have intellectual property that needs to be protected.  But being an artist is more then just about making art.  You are also running a business.  I'm here to help you with business formation and ensuring your intellectual property is protected.  

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Business Formation

Do you have a great business idea?  Do you have so much art that you need to start selling to make room for more artistic endeavor?  Maybe it's time to start a business.  English Law can go over all the options available for you along with the pros and cons of each.  Once you decide what's best for you, we can help with the formation and on going maintenance of your business.

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Now that you have your business up and running, you need to protect your brand.  The best way to do this is by trademarking your brand.  English Law provides comprehensive trademark assistance.  From checking to see if your brand is able to be trademarked, to filing for the trademark, and ongoing protection of your brand, we can handle all your trademark needs.

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Copyright can protect your hard work.  We can assist with making sure your art is protected.  Aren't sure if your art would qualify for copyright, or maybe you just have some questions about what copyright actually is, English Law can help answer these questions.  

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